Garage Insurance

Garage Insurance Information

Garage insurance is for a business like auto repair shops, Transmissions shops, body shops, car dealers or any other business where your driving or work working on customer vehicles.

Garage Liability 

Auto repair shops, Bodyshops, Car dealers all have the need for both Premises Liability and auto liability. We can add Broaden coverage to included fire legal liability. 

Garagekeepers Coverage 

If you take in your customer vehicles and something happens to your customer car like a fire or a break in. Your business is responsible. This is the coverage that is needed for those type of losses. 

Garage Property Insurance

It takes a lot of specialized equipment to run a garage. From paint booths to weldering equipment, trailers to wrenches, these complicated expensive pieces of equipment are fundamental to a garages’s ability to operate properly, efficiently and successfully. Property insurance for the equipment and machines for a garage and will allow for reimbursement for certain losses and damages and can help keep you operational.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Garages that employ people should also look at workers compensation coverage. Without this protection, they will be responsible for paying the medical expenses and lost wages of employees who are injured at work.